BeatHeadz is a limited edition collection of randomly generated NFTs on the CRO blockchain. The collection consists of 10,808 different characters each with headphones. The headphones hold the key to the character’s identity - and their theme song. From acclaimed street artist Phil Lumbang and Grammy-nominated musical legend Aloe Blacc, BeatHeadz exist at the intersection of art and music. What songs will your BeatHeadz unlock today?


The BeatHeadz Story

the story

The Muse-sick Industry rules the Negaverse, pumping out stale, algorithm-driven pop hits, designed to drain your wallet and suck your soul. For decades, empty sonic garbage reigned. Concerts, where people were reported missing. Rumors that they were being trapped in the Negaverse and fed on, the Muse-sick Industry a collection of evil parasites draining their essence to fuel evil plans.

But you can't stop the beat.

Eight brave BeatHeadz rose, immune to the algorithmic pop. From their bedrooms and garages, they dropped the beats that woke everyone from their Muse-sick induced comas and kicked off a revolution. Harmonizing together, they cracked a hole in the Negaverse and fled through to our Metaverse, bringing their powerful tunes with them.

With the beats leading the way, the BeatHeadz spread their message of freedom and sonic joy. Now it's time to A-tune the rest of the souls trapped in the Negaverse by the Muse-sick Industry. Join BeatHeadz and reserve your mint to unlock a new BeatHead and amp up the power of the revolution.

Stop the Negaverse. Save the Metaverse. BeatHeadz NFTs. Rock on.


the story

We'll be minting via Crypto.com/NFT on April 21, 2022. BeatHeadz will have a short allowlist presale before our public sale, and access to the allowlist can be won via our Discord server or collabs with other projects.

While our presale will be short, the beauty of minting via Crypto.com/NFT is that you don’t have to deal with gas wars, and so getting access via our allowlist is the best way to guarantee you can pick up your BeatHeadz as we're intentionally keeping our allowlist small.

Every wallet will be able to mint a maximum of 3 BeatHeadz, during presale or public sale. Join us in Discord for the absolute latest details on timing, pricing, and for a chance at access to our allowlist.


the roadmap

Gen 1: Metaverse BeatHeadz (April 21, 2022)

  • Rescued from the Negaverse, 10.808 BeatHeadz have returned to the Metaverse with signature headphones in tow. Including 16 completely unique 1/1s, these BeatHeadz have been saved from the Muse-sick industry, and each has a unique combination of up to 9 traits, including headphones, clothing, expressions, skin tone, and more!

Gen 2: Negaverse BeatHeadz (Early Q3 2022)

  • They've already escaped, but every BeatHeadz was held captive in the Negaverse before being saved. Gen 2 is the prequel to Gen 1, with the Negaverse version of your very own Gen 1 BeatHeadz, but with more variety and rare traits added into the mix. Gen 2 will always remind you of how important it was to save the BeatHeadz from the Negaverse, while also being a truly unique piece of art.

Gen 3: BeatHeadz generative anthems (Q4 2022 / Q1 2023)

  • In a truly first-of-its-kind innovation, BeatHeadz will launch the world's first generative music NFT, all orchestrated by Grammy-nominated singer / songwriter Aloe Blacc. Every single BeatHeadz will have his / her / their own completely unique anthem. Not only will you have two completely original works of art from Philish Lunchbag, but now you'll have your very own song composed by Aloe Blacc himself.

Airdrops: BeatHeadz icons (monthly)

  • Every month that you hold one or more BeatHeadz, you'll be airdropped a BeatHeadz Icon of Music - a series of 12 iconic musicians hand selected by Aloe Blacc and drawn in the classic BeatHeadz style by artist Phil Lumbang. Month one will be none other than the legendary Prince, to be followed up by 11 other icons who have inspired Aloe Blacc in his music journey. Community members who hold the first 6, and then all 12 music icons are in store for even more surprises and rewards - the hits just keep on coming!

Our Team

the story

Artist - Phil Lumbang

Musical Legend - Aloe Blacc

Founder - Tom Ciszek

Founder - Jeremy Levitan

Lead Developer - Martin Holzner

Additional team members will be announced soon.